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1. What is Stiff Ring ?
Stiff Ring is made of special formula aluminium which is commonly used in aircraft frame building. It's used to correct the car body basic geometry by filling the gap between the subframe bolts, subframe and the car body bolt hole. Remove the spring effect between chassis and subframe.
2. Where is Stiff Ring installed to ?
Stiff Ring is installed to the car subframe bolt hole. It's sit in between car chassis, subframe and the subframe bolt. See the main page for details explanation.
3. How Stiff Ring helps improving car handling ? Why car manufacturer don't make it perfect fit?
Almost every car is having this imperfect geometry setup. Manufacturers build the car subframe with bigger bolt hole to ease the assembly process. This leads to a gap between subframe and the subframe bolt. With this gap, subframe will be misalign to car chassis and able to move around, thus lead to imprecise turning angle and causing the suspension not solid enough. Uneven contact surface between chassis and subframe further compromise the car handling and cause the spring effect in between the both. By installing Stiff Ring, it will fill the gap between the subframe and the subframe bolt. Thus, this will correct the car geometry near to perfect setup and with subframe not able to move around, car handling will be improved drastically. Stiff Ring removed the spring effect by eliminated the uneven contact surface in between chassis and subframe, this will further enhance the car stability and increase the comfort of the car.
4. Is new car need Stiff Ring ?
Yes. Even the car is brand new, it's still having this imperfect geometry setup. The free space in between subframe & the bolt is still there.
5. I have stabilizer bar installed on my car, do i still need Stiff Ring ?
This is 2 different thing and does different thing. Stabilizer bar is use to add support to car chassis. Stiff Ring is use to correct the geometry setup and eliminate the free gap in between subframe and bolt. Thus, the problem still unsolve even with installed stabilizer bar.
6. Will Stiff Ring void my car warranty ?
It's very hard to justify the terms "VOID WARRANTY". Manufacturers even can claim that your warranty has been void due to using not recommended specification light bulb. Stiff Ring is just a special made add-on washer to car subframe in order to fill the free gap and it even helps to protect the car suspension setup indirectly. Further more, Stiff Ring is plug and play item.
7. Is Stiff Ring reusable ?
Yes, you need to install it correctly and make sure it's sit properly in the subframe hole. Slightly running out of shape is normal due to it's designed to fill the uneven surface of the subframe and car chassis to remove the spring effect. If you installed and took it off too often, this might reduce the effectiveness.
8. Why don't Stiff Ring build using stainless steel or any harder/stiffer material ?
Everybody know that using a harder material to compress with a softer material, softer side will be get damaged. This is same to the car subframe surface, after a period of time the subframe, bolt will be get damaged due to the friction and vibration. Harder material is not able to fill the uneven surface and remove the spring effect, this will reduce the benefit of Stiff Ring concept. Therefore, all genuine Stiff Ring products is build with special aluminium, balance in stiffness and yet durable enough.
9. Do i need to perform wheel alignment adjust after installed Stiff Ring ?
This is not a must process. We suggest you to test few days after installed Stiff Ring, then only decide whether you need perform the wheel alignment adjustment.
10. Where can i purchase ? Do you provide installation ?
You can purchase at our nation wide dealers shop or contact us if you need any further information. Our dealers will help you on the installation as well.
11. How much is the installation charge ? How long it will take ?
Installation charge is varies depending on car and the car subframe misalign condition, area. It will not cost you a too much for installation. We strongly recommend purchase and install from our authorized dealers to ensure proper installation is delivered. Estimated 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the situation.
12. How about the Stiff Ring warranty ?
All Stiff Ring is come with 1 year 1-to-1 exchange warranty. Drive your car to us or the dealer you purchase from, we will handle the rest. Purchase receipt is required.
13. Do you deliver by post ?
Yes, we will try our best to help in any circumstances. Kindly contact us to arrange further.
14. I didn't find for my car model. Customization for me ?
Yes, we can customize for your car with a very affordable price since you being our reference car. Kindly contact us to arrange further.
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